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Xstore Suite Technical Training in Hyderabad India

Xstore Suite Technical Training in Hyderabad India

Xstore Suite Technical

This Retail Xstore Point-of-Service (POS) training provides a technical overview of Oracle Retail's Xstore POS Suite. This overview includes a detailed description of the technology, coding standards and how the overall development enables the Xstore POS Suite to integrate with other Oracle Retail Applications.

Duration: 25hrs

Course Content:

Overview: Xstore Suite

  • Oracle Footprint
  • Xstore Components
  • Xstore features and functions
  • Xenvironment features and functions
  • Xstore Back Office features and functions
  • Xcenter, Xadmin features and functions

Frameworks and Technologies

  • Configuration Formats
  • Operation Chains
  • DTX Framework
  • QueryConfig.xml
  • Replication
  • Soft Ordering

Physical Architecture and Configuration Overview

  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Database Requirements
  • User Interfaces
  • Printer Requirements

Working with Hierarchies

  • Xstore Hierarchical Approaches
  • Location Organizational Hierarchy
  • Location Pricing Hierarchy

Configuring Taxes

  • Xstore Tax Tables
  • Rounding Rules
  • Tax Set Up
  • Overriding Taxes
  • Transaction Display of Taxes

Tender Options

  • Tender Set Up
  • Tender Types and Values
  • Currency Set Up
  • Tender Exchange Rate Table
  • Configuration Options for SystemConfig.xml

Working with Item Pricing: Part 1

  • Xstore Pricing Strategies
  • Pricing Differences: Hierarchical and Location Based
  • Purpose of itm_item Table
  • Set Up Items
  • Configure Item Prompts
  • Configure the Quick Items Tab

Working with Item Pricing: Part 2

  • Item Images
  • Item Messages

Configuring Discounts

  • Types of Discounts in Xstore
  • Transaction Discounts
  • Discount Compatibility
  • Exclusions and Inclusions

Configuring Deals

  • Types of Deals in Xstore
  • Primary Deal Tables
  • Ordinals
  • Deal Triggers


  • Roles
  • Groups and Rankings
  • Security Tables
  • Security Activity Log Table Importance

Setting Up Employees

  • Loading Employees into Xstore
  • Tables and Processes
  • Configuration Options for SystemConfig.xml

Xoffice: Using Xadmin

  • Purpose of Xadmin
  • Deployments using Xadmin

Miscellaneous Configurations

  • Store Sales Goals
  • Order Management
  • Order Broker Cloud Services
  • Email Receipts
  • Returns

Customer Configurations

  • Configurable Customer Accounts
  • Storing Data in Tables
  • Customer Maintenance Options


  • File Movement
  • Log File Types
  • Menu Configuration
  • Management Console


  • Purpose of Xenvironment
  • Atoms and Chains
  • Markers
  • Xenvironment Engine Property Files
  • Close Process
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Data Flows
  • Functional Considerations for SIM and MOM
  • DataLoader Phases
  • ReSA Integration
  • Connector Framework Model

Xstore Mobile

  • Purpose of Xstore Mobile
  • Supported Devices
  • Installation Process
  • Custom Branding Process


  • Localization
  • Internationalization at Oracle Retail
  • I18N + L10N = Globalization
  • What Is Functional Localization
  • What Gets Translated at Oracle Retail
  • Translation Process
  • Translations: Xstore Suite

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Project Implementation Online Training

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Project Implementation Online Training

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Project Implementation

Course announcements

In this e-Learning course you will learn how to implement SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. You will learn how to effectively run an SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer project using SAP best practices.

  • CRM/SD domain knowledge
Duration: 20hrs

Course Content:

  • Introduction to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
  • Working with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
  • Accounts and Contact Management
  • Product and Price Lists
  • Organization Structure
  • Territory Management
  • User and Role Management
  • Data Migration
  • Integration
  • Notification and Workflow
  • Personalization and Extensibility
  • Analytics Framework
  • Mobile
  • Solution Walkthrough and Test Plans
  • Preparing for Go-Live

Angular 4 Training in Hyderabad India

Angular 4

angular 4 training

Duration: 25hrs

Angular4 Training Course Content
  • TypeScript
  • Real-GitHub Environment
  • In-Depth Routing
  • Nodejs Integration Restful API
  • Automation Tool Bower
  • Gulp
  • Test Cases with Karma
  • Mini Project with Real-Time Environment

SAP HANA Cloud Integration training in Hyderabad India

SAP HANA Cloud Integration training in Hyderabad India

SAP HANA Cloud Integration

Insufficient data for accurate rating at this time.

Duration: 30hrs


  • TZCLD1 (Cloud Management and Virtualization for SAP Solution)
  • General Knowledge about integration technologies
  • SAPTEC (SAP Overview)
  • BIT100 (SAP NetWeaver integration Technology - Overview)
  • BIT800 (Process orchestration Overview)
  • BIT400 (SAP Netweaver Process Integration)
Course Content
  • Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI)
  • HCI Tools
  • HCI Data Integration
  • SOAP and SFTP Adapter
  • Processes in SAP HANA Cloud Integration
  • Supporting Processes for HCI
  • Prepackaged Integration with WEB UI
  • Other HCI Adapters
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