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HL7 FHIR Online Training, Corporate Training in Hyderabad India

HL7 FHIR Online Training, Corporate Training in Hyderabad India


Who Should Attend:

This training course is aimed at those involved with the design, development, implementation, deployment and support of systems that use (or will use) the HL7 FHIR standard.


The attendees are assumed to be familiar with:
  • XML, Json and web-infrastructure protocols,
  • Although not a requirement, knowledge of HL7 version 2 and/or HL7 version 3 will be helpful in understanding the material,
  • General principles of data modeling,
  • General software development principles like object orientation, databases, layered software design.
Course Content:

Agenda, day 1:
  • Introduction
  • Overview of FHIR
  • Resources, extensions
  • The RESTful design philosophy
  • Exercise: Requesting a patient Resource
  • Deconstructing FHIR data
  • Resources
  • Datatypes and primitives
  • Use-case driven example: Person demographics, with extensions
  • Contents of the FHIR distribution
  • More on REST, HTTP verbs, wire formats (XML/JSON)
  • Exercise: Updating a patient resource
  • Introduction to Profiling
  • Resource Bundles, Searching
  • The FHIR Operations Framework
  • Parameter resource
  • Updating metadata: Tags, Security Tags and implicitRules
  • Exercise: Updating metadata on resources
Agenda, day 2:
  • Resource references
  • Contained resources
  • References in bundles
  • Exercise: Add a contained resource.
  • Transactions
  • Terminology Resources
  • Paradigms revisited: Document, Messages, REST
  • Subscription mechanism, End Points
  • Exercise: create/upload a document to a server
  • Use-case driven example: clinical document
  • Profiling FHIR
  • Constraining resources to match your usecase
  • Extensions and definitions of extensions
  • Conformance Resources
  • Exercise: modify profile, modify bundle and call profile validation
  • Use-case driven example: Laboratory orders and results
  • Summary and recommendations
  • V2 messages, v3 CDA, IHE XDS and FHIR

SAP GST Online Training in Hyderabad India

SAP GST Online Training in Hyderabad India

SAP GST Online Training

The GST is a Value added Tax (VAT) is proposed to be a comprehensive indirect tax levy on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods as well as services at the national level. It will replace all indirect taxes levied on goods and services by the Indian Central and state governments. It is aimed at being comprehensive for most goods and services.

We have successful track record of delivering quality training on sap gst online training from the students of UK , Europe , USA , Qatar , Germany , Italy , Spain , Canada , Denmark , Sweden , Switzerland , Netherlands , Australia , New Zealand , UAE , Thailand , Malaysia and many more countries.

Prerequisites of SAP GST Training:

  • SAP Certified Application Associate – Sales & Distribution, ERP 6.0 EhP6
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – Financial Accounting with ERP 6.0 EhP6
  • SAP Certified Application Associate – Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 Course based on software release
  • SAP ERP 6.0 onwards

Duration: 40hrs

SAP GST Course Content:


  • Overview about GST- SAP GST Training
  • Understanding impact of GST in customer SAP applications
  • Understanding need for migrating from TAXINJ to TAXINN as a preparation for GST migration


  • Checklist based approach to arrive at the total work involved in TAXINJ to TAXINN migration in customer SAP system.
  • Configuration
  • Developments
  • Testing
  • Data Migration
  • User Training


  • Planning the work estimated in ‘Study’ step in sequence of activities to be carried out for migration from TAXINJ to TAXINN


  • Learning Configuration steps
  • Learning generic approaches for re-working customized developments
  • Prepare- SAP GST Training
  • Operating SAP tool to identify open purchase documents
  • Operating SAP tool to migrate open purchase documents from TAXINJ to TAXINN


  • Understanding the minimum scenarios to be tested to confirm a successful Migration


  • Understanding SAP support schemes are available for any possible post Migration issues

SAP REFX Online Training, Corporate Training at Ecorptrainings Hyderabad India

SAP REFX Online Training, Corporate Training at Ecorptrainings Hyderabad India


  • SAP REFX corporate training has been helping real estate companies across the globe to manage their property and facilities in a highly sophisticated manner.
  • While the laws and regulations pertaining to the real estate industry are quite complex, this platform can help optimize all the business processes surrounding real estate management.
  • The main objective of this SAP REFX corporate training program is to help ensure that the real estate lifecycle processes are well aligned with the profitability and sustainability goals.
  • The overwhelming popularity of this platform has allured a huge number of professionals to take up the courses to gain proficiency in this valuable software.
Prerequisites to attend SAP REFX Corporate Training:

  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Cost Management and Controlling
  • Financial Accounting: Customizing I: GL & Accounts Payable & Receivables
  • Payment and Dunning Program, Correspondence, Interest Calculation
  • Business Processes in SAP ERP Real Estate Management
  • BDT – Business Data Toolset
Duration: 26 hrs

SAP REFX Online Course Content:

Chapter 01:

System navigation

Chapter 02:

General ledger accounting- SAP REFX Training

Chapter 03:

Accounts payable business processes

Chapter 04:

Accounts receivable business processes

Chapter 05:

Assets accounting business processes

Chapter 06:

Bank-related accounting business processes

Chapter 07:

Financial statement creation business processes

Chapter 08:

Project management

Chapter 09:

Portfolio management

Chapter 10:

Lease administration

Chapter 11:

Financial integration- SAP REFX Training

Chapter 12:

Document management/Graphical integration

Chapter 13:

Space management

Chapter 14:

Move management

Chapter 15:

Facility management

Chapter 16:

Real estate master, Business partner master data,contract management

Chapter 17:

Real estate financials

Chapter 18:

Adjusting conditions

Chapter 19:

Complex service charge settlement methods.

Chapter 20:

Corporate use scenarios

Chapter 21:

Reporting- SAP REFX Training

Chapter 22:

SAP Simple Logistics Training in Hyderabad India

SAP Simple Logistics Training in Hyderabad India

SAP Simple Logistics Training

SAP Simple Logistics Training has vast changes in the areas of Material management, production planning supply chain management and sales and distribution. SAP Simple Logistics Training at Ecorp Trainings stabilizes the order to cash, procure to pay and plan to product. SAP Simple Logistics uses the data processing ability of S/4HANA to provide simpler, faster and more efficient approaches to logistics and supply chain problems.

  • Sap Simple Logistics can be called as SAP S4 HANA enterprise management which includes all the modules that are not only on the finance but also the modules like SAP MM, SAP SD and now they are available as a part of SAP S 4 HANA as a product and enterprise management is the complete business street.
  • Only S/4 HANA can be realize the end game of a true single integrated Business Process Platform that having multiple capabilities across a business functions of Supply Chain Planning & Logistics, Order Management & Finance & Fulfillment and Procurement.
  • Simple Logistics Training will empower users to make business decisions by proactively analysing real time data, signaling alerts & providing potential solutions.
Prerequisites to learn about SAP Simple Logistics Training:

  • Basic knowledge about logistics
  • Basic knowledge of SAP ERP navigation
  • SAP Solution Architects
  • SAP Business Analysts- Sap Simple Logistics Training
  • SAP Functional Consultants
  • SAP Technical Consultants
  • SAP BW/BI Consultants
Duration: 30 hrs

SAP S4 hana simple logistics Online Course Content:
Session@ 01:     

Introduction to SAP HANA

Session@ 02:     

S4 HANA Concepts

Session@ 03:


Session@ 04:

Simplifications in SAP S4 HANA DATA Models

Session@ 05:

Simplifications in SAP S4 HANA DATA Models FI

Session@ 06:

Simplifications in SAP S4 HANA DATA Models MM

Session@ 07:

Simplifications in SAP S4 HANA DATA Models SD

Session@ 08:

S4 HANA Implementation Methodology- Sap Simple Logistics Training

Session@ 09:


Session@ 10:


Session@ 11:

Greenfield Implementation

Session@ 12:


Session@ 13:

Simplifications in SAP S4 HANA DATA Models PP

Session@ 14:

Business Partners- Sap Simple Logistics Training

Session@ 15:

Deployment Options and Architecture

Session@ 16:

Simple Logistics – Enterprise Management

Session@ 17:

Simple Logistics – Concepts.

Session@ 18:

S4 HANA Logistics – Sales and Distribution.

Session@ 19:

Organization structures.

Session@ 20:

Material Master- Sap Simple Logistics Training

Session@ 21:

S4 Logistics SD Outputs.

Session@ 22:

Process flows

Session@ 23:

SAP Best practices.

Session@ 24:

S4 Implementation process.

Session@ 25:

Elimination of redundancies.

Session@ 26:

Fiori Apps- Sap Simple Logistics Training

Session@ 27:

Configurations, Customizations/Enhancements

Session@ 28:

SAP ABAP CDS for S4HANA–Sap Simple Logistics Training

Session@ 29:

SAP BOBJ Reporting & S4HANA Analytics (NWBC, SAP Business Client)

Session@ 30:

Real time Scenarios