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SugarCRM Developer Training Online

SugarCRM Developer Training Online

The Developer/Developer Lead pathway prepares developers to implement Sugar platform customization requests through a variety of extension techniques.


  • Introduction to Sugar Modules
  • Introduction for Sugar Developers
  • Customizing the Sugar Platform
  • Extension Framework and Sidecar Framework
  • Developer Resources
  • Vardefs Extension
  • Logic Hook Extension
  • Change the Order of Subpanels
  • Custom Button
  • Custom Validation
  • Custom Dashlets
ISAM Online Training in Hyderabad

ISAM Online Training in Hyderabad

IBM Security Access Manager for Web is an integrated access appliance that provides web access security protection in a modular package. It defends applications and data against targeted web attacks and vulnerabilities.


• Basic LDAP skills

• Basic Linux administration

Duration: 30hrs

Course Content

1 Introduction and overview
  • IBM Security Access Manager for Web
  • Security policy
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Policy Servers
  • Protected resources
  • Architecture

2 Understanding reverse proxy concepts
  • Reverse proxy features
  • Authentication check
  • Authorization check

3 Using the Web Gateway Appliance
  • Configuring the runtime component and the policy server
  • Creating a reverse proxy instance
  • Creating a junction

4 Administering Security Access Manager
  • Policy administration
  • Security Access Manager user interfaces
  • Policy Administration interface
  • The pdadmin tool
  • Security Access Manager users
  • Creating Security Access Manager users
  • Security Access Manager groups

5 Managing access control
  • Access control lists
  • Access control list properties
  • ACL permissions
  • Managing ACLs
  • Access control lists and groups
  • Inherited and explicit rules

6 Understanding authentication mechanisms
  • Authentication overview
  • Authentication methods

7 Using instances and junctions
  • How junctions work
  • URL filtering

8 Using logs, audits, and traces
Ranorex Studio training in Hyderabad

Ranorex Studio training in Hyderabad

Ranorex Studio 

Ranorex is one of the most exciting and powerful automated functional testing tools on the market. It is built on Microsoft .NET, has a great IDE with full record & replay, as well as a Test Suite interface for organising your tests. It works against multiple technologies (Desktop, Web, Mobile) and allows execution of tests against remote machines.

Duration: 24hrs

Course Content:

  • Introduction
    • What is Test Automation?
    • What is Ranorex?
    • Overview of the Ranorex Studio Interface
    • File structure of the Ranorex Solution.
    • Introduction to the Applications Under Test (AUT)
  • Record & Replay
    • Initial & End Conditions.
    • Preparing Ranorex & AUT ready for recording.
    • Record Settings, The Ranorex Recorder.
  • Introduction to the Object Repository
  • Synchronisation
  • Application Validation
  • Multiple Ranorex Modules
  • Data-Driven Testing
  • Web Testing with Ranorex
  • Advanced Test Execution
  • Next steps
  • Mobile Testing
IBM Access Manager Platform Foundations Training in Hyderabad

IBM Access Manager Platform Foundations Training in Hyderabad

IBM Access Manager Platform Foundations

IBM Access Manager is a highly scalable and configurable access management solution. It simplifies and secures your user experience with single sign-on across applications and protects critical assets using strong multi-factor authentication and risk-based access.†You can use IBM Access Manager to adopt secure web, mobile, and cloud technologies and simplify access management for your employees and consumers. Using the skill taught in this course, you will be able to configure authentication and authorization mechanisms, implement policy access control, and set up reverse proxy junctions to process web requests.

Duration: 24hrs

Course Content:

Unit 1: Introduction to IBM Access Manager
Unit 2: Architecture and installation
Unit 3: Managing users, groups, and domains
Unit 4: Reverse proxy concepts
Unit 5: Policy based access control
Unit 6: Configuring junctions for back-end resources
Unit 7: Authentication framework and methods
Unit 8: Logging, auditing, and tracing
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